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Janna Hymes Conductor

"Unquestionably, Janna Hymes is an exceptionally skilled conductor whose artistic and refined style gets to the heart of the music....the players delivered an extremely well crafted performance that was precise, spirited, and balanced in sound, technique and was truly an exceptional job. During the Bruch Violin Concerto, Hymes coordinated the give and take between soloist, David Kim, and the orchestra in superb fashion. It was about as perfectly orchestrated a joint endeavor as I've ever heard in live performance. Hymes's extraordinary work in making it come together resulted in absolutely first class performance. In fact, the entire evening was just that- first class."
- The Virginia Gazette

"Ms. Hymes elicited a robust, energetic sound from the orchestra members, who responded with precise, fresh playing. She has a clear technique and is a confident conductor with an easy rapport."
- The Cincinnati Enquirer

Janna Hymes is one of the most prominent young American conductors on the more.